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[EN] [Pay-to-play] Eberron D&D 5e

Verfasst: Mi 24. Feb 2021, 12:07
von Vywen
We are looking for 1-2 more players to join an currently running Eberron homebrew campaign fortnightly (every two weeks) on Fridays at 19:00-23:00.
Although we are currently running games online, we want to change to playing in person once the situation allows.
The campaign is specifically tailored to character backgrounds and backstory so you will have direct influence in which direction the campaign takes.
The campaign so far: Eastern Breland, New Cyre. The party rescued an emissary from Droaam and are embroiled in the political tensions and terrorist actions between Cyre and Breland. Following leads, this tension seems to be encouraged by some demonic influence...

Although I speak German fluently, I run the game in English (the game/fantasy terminology and extra mental effort is too much for me as a DM to run the game in German).
Contribution of 10€ per session by PayPal (or cash when we can meet in person).